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     So you want to become a Widow's Son in Alaska? Well if you are a Free Mason in good standing in a Lodge that is recognized by the Most Worshipful Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Alaska, and own a licensed and street legal motorcycle 500CC or larger, you may request to join. However, before sending in your money and a petition, read this article, and carefully consider your decision.


      Alaska Widows Sons grew out of a small group of Master Masons who are motorcycle enthusiasts wanting to join other Masons and share their love of riding on the open roads. Not much has changed, we are still a relatively small group of Masons who enjoy riding our motorcycles. This article is a brief overview of us, each member has his own opinions and ideas and this is not all-inclusive, rather this is intended as an introduction to a few core customs and traditions we hold strongly to.


     First off, WE ARE NOT A MOTORCYCLE CLUB. We are a Riding Group if your desire is to belong to an M/C this is not the group for you. Although we are often referred to as a "Club" by casual observers, we are not nor will we ever be. We believe our loyalty is to God, our Country, our Family, and our Lodge in that order. No Brother will ever be obligated to attend our events or ride. Yes, we are bikers, and bikers have many long-standing customs and traditions. Traditionally all Clubs and groups identified with a patch on the back of their jacket or vest, and in keeping with tradition Widows Sons has done the same. Our Patch is well known, and our Group is respected throughout the State of Alaska. During the organization of the Alaska Grand Chapter, we worked with the many Clubs and Groups in Alaska going to events and meeting with their leaders proving to them Widows Sons was a serious Group, and much work we received approval for our patch design and colors. ALL Widows Sons in Alaska should wear their patch with Pride and Honor.


     Yes, we have a relationship with most every Motorcycle Club and Riding Group in Alaska. Why? Well back to those customs and traditions. In the Biker world most everything seems to revolve around Respect, and out of respect Widows Sons in Alaska sought approval from the Clubs and Groups who already existed to form our Riding Group. We maintain that relationship today as a means of promoting common interest and quickly settling any issues should they arise. The key is to give respect to get respect. The Biker community is a wide and diverse cross-section of society, there are good guys and bad guys. And the one bad deed outshines the twenty good deeds the biker community does. We the Alaska Widows Sons make no apologies for who we are, what we do in our free time. No Widows Sons DO NOT support any activity that is Illegal or Immoral in nature. Widows Sons is not a race team or a motorcycle stunt show. There are places for those activities and the public streets are not one of them. Remember all members of Widows Sons must act in a way that brings credit to Freemasonry at all times. Yes, we love to have fun and lots of it, after all, we are just guys right? BBQs, Cigars and good booze after a long days ride. What could be better?


     Finally, we are serious about your motorcycle being street legal, licensed, and mechanically sound. This is a Riding Group, not an "I could be riding", or an "I don't feel like riding group". We will ride at the level of our least experienced rider; we will take the time to help you gain any needed skills or confidence, we don't even care if you can't ride more than a few miles a day. But we need our members to get on their bikes and ride. That is why someone joins a Riding Group right?  It is really up to you, so consider this carefully, If you don't have time for riding due to more pressing obligations if you are not willing to be active in your Blue Lodge, if you are uncomfortable with wearing the Widows Sons patch, If your desire is to be part of an M/C, if you have a lack of respect for the law and other people, and most important if you unwilling to get out and ride with us. PLEASE consider not joining. If you're not sure about us, come on some rides. Ask questions or just hang back and watch. We would love to have you, but that is really up to you if you want to have us.





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