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Rider Awards

Widows Sons Alaska has two achievement-based awards - Rider of the Year and Transcontinental Rider. 


Presented by the President during the Summer Challenge Ride, there is no set criteria for a member to earn this award. However, all past recipients have gone above and beyond representing the Widows Sons in Alaska. To see a slideshow of past recipients, visit the RIDER OF THE YEAR page.



Alaska Grand Chapter Riders must begin their ride in any community in:

  • Alaska

  • Bellingham WA, or

  • Prince Rupert, B.C. 

and travel by motorcycle to any:

  • East Coast community or coastal highway along the Atlantic Ocean, or to any

  • Gulf Coast community or coastal highway along the Gulf of Mexico


Successful Challengers will receive a patch denoting them as a Transcontinental Rider. To see a list of past challengers, visit the TRANSCONTINENTAL RIDERS page.

The Alaska Grand Chapter Transcontinental Challenge is open to any Widows Son member in other jurisdictions who can show proof (photograph and receipt*) of riding from or to an Alaska community and an Eastern Seaboard or Gulf Coast community.  


*Photograph must show the Widows Son member, bike, and an identifiable landmark or sign. Receipt must be dated and show purchase in  Alaska community where the photograph was taken.  


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